Sowing the Seeds of Change

It’s been A YEAR — and so much has changed. We grieve the loss of life and the loss of time with loved ones, both from viral pandemic and violent oppression. We cannot ignore the ongoing oppression and violence at the hands of white supremacy. We cannot pretend the pandemic is already over.  

Even so, spring is now upon us. This season urges us to take notice, to bend down and see the life emerging from the ground each day, undeterred by cold rain and harsh winds. To take in the songs of birds as they return from the winters down south. Spring is also a time of looking to the future, and making preparations for both the abundance and the harshness of the lengthening days ahead. 

What do we want to grow this year?? What do we need to do to get ready??

This past year has begun to uproot weeds of our society and prep the soil of our lives for what’s to come. If we do not sow seeds of the change we wish to cultivate, only weeds will return. Sowing actual seeds in your home, in your community garden, or in the empty lot across the street may not bring forth the healing and systemic changes we seek, but it can be a small act toward healing our hearts and our community. Sowing seeds takes trust, care, and hope in the future, all values that we want to keep tending this year! 

On that note, we are offering a larger variety of seeds this year for your gardening adventures! In addition to the beautiful art packs we know and love from Hudson Valley Seed Company, we’re also pleased to introduce you to our friends at Fruition Seeds! 

If you’ve had the privilege to visit the Philadelphia Flower Show in years past, you may have come upon their joy-filled booth. The love and attention they pour into their farm gets packed into these little seeds and is waiting for you to give it life, with a little warmth, water, and light! They also generously offer a multitude of resources to help anyone along their journey with gardening, from seed starting to seed saving! 

In their words, 

“We love food. We love people. We love growing food, nourishing community and celebrating resilience with relationship and reciprocity at the center. Caring for our community, celebrating our ancestors & nourishing all generations of all species to come inspires us to jump out of bed each and every day.” 

Sowing seeds is an indignant cry of hope for the future, proclaiming and insisting that goodness grow! Let’s keep weeding our collective gardens and nourishing a better tomorrow. 

Written by Sara Galluzzo