Self Love Gift Kit

The gift kit for your friend who loves an introspective night at home. Recommended soundtrack: “I’m Still In Love with You” By Al Green.


Mithra’s Chrysalis Candle: 100% beeswax candle handmade right here in East Falls

Franklin & Whitman Face Mask: A vegan face mask made by one of our most trusted and beloved sources for self care essentials.

Gold & Water Revolver Soap: An activated charcoal & essential oil blend perfect for cleansing.

Terra Luna Incense Cone: Herbs grown, blended and packaged in Philly. Burn for resetting and cleansing your space.

Printfresh Slim Velvet Journal: When all of the introspection and relaxation has your head full of thoughts, write them all down in this silky soft journal.

This pack can be shipped, delivered or picked up in shop! You will be charged a flat rate for shipping at check out and we will refund any overages.

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