Helpful Floral Arranging Tips

“Mimic the randomness of nature.”


  • Leaves should always be above the water line of the vase to extend the life of the flower arrangement.


  • Stems can be cut at a 45-degree angle to increase surface area to allow for maximum water uptake.


  • Start by crossing stems of foliage to create a base for your flowers to nestle into. The foliage can lean on the lip of the vase to create a basic shape for the arrangement.


  • Add several focal flowers, cut at different lengths so some blooms are low and others extend. Crisscrossing the stems in the vase works to create a webbing, so the arrangement holds its shape.


  • Weave in smaller flowers, vines, and other wispy elements to create gestures throughout the arrangement.


  • To mimic nature, think of asymmetry, odd numbers, and varied depth and height when arranging.


  • Change the water every other day or so, or when it gets murky. If you wouldn’t drink it, imagine how the flowers feel!


  • Don’t be afraid to start over! We are engaging in low-level risk taking.


  • The life of each flower variety varies, and some die quickly while others last for a week. Remove dying flowers and replace with clippings from the yard or your daily walk to extend the life of the arrangement.


  • Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and off of warm radiators.