Responding to Microaggressions

This is the inaugural recap of our ethics discussion from our weekly staff meeting.  Reading materials regarding a specific topic are provided before each meeting so staff may read, think, and formulate comments and questions for the group discussion. June 16, 2020 – Microaggressions The two articles regarding microaggressions can be found here and here. Read More

Snake Plant Care

This blog post on Snake Plant care could be summed up quickly and efficiently–how do you take care of a Snake Plant? If we’re keeping it brief- you don’t. But brevity is not my thing so I wanted to take a couple of minutes to tell you more about one of my favorite indoor plants.Read More

A Sliding Scale Pricing Model at Vault + Vine

by Alyssa Rainville We at Vault + Vine are deeply aware of the soothing, beautifying powers of plants and flowers in our own lives.  It is not uncommon for our staff to turn towards the natural world in order to decompress from similar things that we do while on the clock!  We understand the transformativeRead More

Phase Yellow

REGARDING PHASE YELLOW We’ve received many inquiries regarding whether or not we’ll be adjusting our operations due to Philadelphia’s shift to Phase Yellow on June 5th. Our primary concern at this time is the safety of our staff. It is our duty as a business and community to ensure staff well-being – both physical and mental. AsRead More